Twitter Image Archiver
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This is a utility for scraping all images that are posted to your twitter timeline.

The motivation is to ease the process of getting screenshots off of my Switch, since the manufacturer doesn't seem too eager to make that process work in a reasonable manner.


Set up a twitter developer account and register an application along with the necessary keys and tokens.

Installing twimgarc from source is as easy as any other go project:

go get

The configuration file will be created/looked for in the working directory so keep that in mind when you're running it or setting up a service to keep it running or however you want to do it.

On first run the app will ask for all tokens/secrets from twitter, as well as the directory that you would like images to be downloaded to.


twimgarc - Download Images from a Twitter Stream
    -count,-c=<num>        Pull the last <num> tweets
    -force,-f              Download images even if the file already exists
    -help ,-h              View this message
    -verbose ,-v           Be chatty