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A Go todo.txt library.

The todotxt package is a Go client library for Gina Trapani's todo.txt files. It allows for parsing and manipulating of task lists and tasks in the todo.txt format.


$ go get


go-todotxt requires Go1.1 or higher.


	package main

	import (

	func main() {
		todotxt.IgnoreComments = false

		tasklist, err := todotxt.LoadFromFilename("todo.txt")
		if err != nil {

		// tasklist now contains a slice of Tasks
		fmt.Printf("Task 2, todo: %v\n", tasklist[1].Todo)
		fmt.Printf("Task 3: %v\n", tasklist[2])
		fmt.Printf("Task 4, has priority: %v\n\n", tasklist[3].HasPriority())

		// Filter list to get only completed tasks
		completedList := tasklist.Filter(func(t Task) bool {
			return t.Completed 

		// Add a new empty Task to tasklist
		task := NewTask()

		// Or a parsed Task from a string
		parsedTask, _ := ParseTask("x (C) 2014-01-01 Create golang library documentation @Go +go-todotxt due:2014-01-12")

		// Update an existing task
		task, _ := tasklist.GetTask(2) // Task pointer
		task.Todo = "Do something different.."


See GoDoc - Documentation for further documentation.


The source files are distributed under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0, unless otherwise noted.
Please read the FAQ if you have further questions regarding the license.