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DDB Gamelog - A Foundry VTT module

Make your D&D Beyond rolls visible in Foundry Virtual Tabletop with ease.

No browser extensions or iframes needed and literally you can roll for [EVERY SINGLE THING].

🚀 D&D Beyond (on desktop) and the D&D Beyond Player app (iOS & Android) are also supported.

📱 Grab your phone and play with ease!

DDB Gamelog


New Features:

  • D&D Beyond Targeted rolls support


  • Displaying rolls from D&D Beyond (Desktop)
  • Displaying rolls from D&D Beyond Player App* (Mobile / Tablet / iOS, Android)
  • Displaying pending rolls (optional)
  • Self removing pending rolls
  • Manual D&D Beyond PlayerID / FVTT PlayerID mapping
  • Custom themed roll messages*
  • Dice So Nice! integration*
  • Roll result breakdown*
  • Discord Integration* (display your rolls from dndbeyond on a channel on your discord server)
  • Adds support for displaying your player's custom D&D Beyond dice sets in discord messages.
  • Official D&D Beyond Monster Roll support*
  • Avatars in roll messages*
  • Roll quick actions (apply damage, heal etc...)*
  • Roll privacy support*
  • Integration with DDB Importer to auto create mapping between D&D Beyond monster entity and Foundry NPC Actor*
  • Entity badges in roll messages (PC/MONSTER)*

Upcoming features

  • Otigon's Automated Animations and JB2A support
  • D&D Beyond roll history import*

DDB Gamelog

Long term goals

  • Full automatism with Foundry. You will be able to apply damages / heals / etc

___* Feature requires Patreon supporter membership___

How to set up module

Click here for step by step instructions (outdated)


Known issues

Getting disconnected and reconnected every 2 hours D&D Beyond closes websocket connection every 2 hours so its a proper working mechanics if the module is reconnecting automatically.


Known incompatibilities

Beyond20 unfortunately blocking the Game Log feature of DND Beyond, it is not passing the roll data to the socket server. In addition to this you have to disable the Beyond20 Chrome Extension and the module too or DDB Gamelog won't be able to display your rolls.

Users have noticed some problems when using the module in Forge instances. Issues are under investigation currently.

Forien's Copy Environment module can cause serious issues with the settings of the module. The issue is under investigation.


IamWarHead's Software Bakery - Discord server

Join my discord server and tell me your ideas, ask your questions or report your bugs! Take part of the development, be part of the community!



English is not my main language, if you found any mistakes (you will, for sure 😥) please let me know and I will correct it.

DDB Gamelog by Roland Hegedus is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International

(c)2021 Roland Hegedus